Infant Staff


Tala Samawi, PreSchool Teacher and Head of PreSchool

I completed a B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering. I obtained a Certificate in: TEFL, jolly phonics, social counselling, working with speech disorders, Magic Math for kids, child Psychology and Health and Safety. Over and above these, I have studied kindergarten teaching, Montessori, early years education and children communication.
I approach running the Pre-School with energy, team work and creativity in the belief that learning must be fun. I strive to bring my academic credentials into the classroom and share them with my colleagues. I also strive to involve parents in the learning process as much as possible.

Tagwa Ammar, Nursery Teacher

I attended college at the University of Khartoum, where I studied Business Administration and graduated with Honours. This is my fifth happy year at the Purple Crayon School. I am certified as a Foundation Teacher from the British Accreditation Centre and have received my TEFL certification in 2020. I also have an early-years teaching certificate for Glenn Doman and Montessori methods and have completed a course in Engaging with Special Needs (SEN) and Child Protection from the British Council, both of which I apply to my teaching.
I like to refer to myself as an Educator, as I certainly know that to teach is to touch a life forever. A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches a heart and helps to create a kind, creative and intelligent generation.

Ethel Khing, Preschool Teacher

This is my seventh year teaching and my fourth at the Purple Crayon School. I graduated with a Master of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Pune, India. I have a true passion for working with young children. It fills my heart with accomplishment to watch them grow, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of our wonderful preschool team. I love interacting with little children and playing a vital role in their development.

Tarteel Amar, Preschool Teaching Assistant

In my work with children, I am inspired to help them develop their own interests and experience the world around them through their senses. I have completed special needs courses through Cambridge and recently an Early Years Montessori course. Being part of the PCS family is a wonderful experience.

Saida Ali, Teaching Assistant Preschool 

 This is my second year in preschool. I started in Reception and have now moved on to Nursery. I graduated from the National Ribat University as a medical laboratory science specialist but now aim to develop a teaching career and I believe that the Purple Crayon school is the right place to start this journey. I am interested in early years learning and have completed a course in Glenn Doman and Montessori teaching methods. I also completed several engaging online special needs courses offered by the British Council and an ADHD course. I would like our Purple Crayon to always shine like a diamond.

Safaa Hamad Hamed, Preschool Teaching Assistant

I was a playgroup TA for 4 years and I loved my work so much that I decided to give myself a challenge and became a TA in Reception. Working with small children and giving them learning opportunities has become a passion which I intend to further develop towards excellence.